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Fun shoot at Powerhouse Gym-Woodbridge with Mike Cadotte

I feel you boo! I wish you a speedy dietary recovery. Im at home and eating not very well. I move back to my own place in a month.

You too?? Yeah it’s no fun… I just try to buy groceries and cook something simple here. Feel better and hang in there!

It has been nearly 2 wks since India and I’m still dealing with the after effects of eating badly for 30 days. Before traveling, I was eating small meals approximately 7 times a day, high in proteins and lots of healthy carbs, and drinking at the very least 1 gallon of water a day.


8:00am: Breakfast: Omelette with veggies, Oats with nuts or blueberries
10:30am Snack: Chicken with Veggies
1:00pm Lunch: Chicken and Sweet Potato, big salad
3:30pm Snack: some guilty pleasure with healthy fats like peanut butter or almond butter
6:00pm Dinner: Red Snapper with veggies or brown rice
8:30pm Snack: Omelet with veggies

This changes depending on how much I’m working out or if I’m preparing for a show or not, but I generally try to eat a Paleo-esque diet, consisting of small meals every couple of hours. Some of my favorites:

Red Snapper
Sweet Potato
Brown Rice

I don’t eat a lot of fruit, but I love berries and plantains and fit them in when I can.

*No Milk or cheese since I’m lactose intolerant
*No simple carbs

A happy, energized and overall nice me with beautiful skin and steady glucose levels leading to a tolerable 1-3 on the bitch scale. Pretty nice I’d say.

I went to Rishikesh, India to complete my Yoga Intensive teacher training course and was there for 30 days on a strict schedule and Vegetarian diet which included 3 meals.


7am-Shatkarma (cleansing)
7:30am-Hatha Yoga
9:30am-Mantra and Meditation
10:30am- Breakfast
12:30pm- Yoga Therapy
1:00pm- Anatomy and Physiology
2:00pm-5pm Lunch and study
5:00pm- Vinyasa Yoga
8:00pm- Dinner

For educational and economical purposes I understand why there are 3 meals. It’s very traditional and most people eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. However, most people don’t workout or train for 60-90min a day or in this case practice yoga 3hrs a day (4hrs towards the end of the program) in India during the summer where it’s 117°F everyday! Yes… I’m serious.

So let’s break this down:

Breakfast comes at 10:30am, approximately 4hrs after waking up and after doing yoga.


Chai Tea- Tea with cream and sugar
Toast with butter or potato sandwich
Curd with corn flakes
Porridge with milk and sugar
Some days Fruit: Banana, mango, pomegranate

Lunch comes at 2pm, 3hrs before Vinyasa yoga class


Black Tea
Aloo paneer curry- Potato with cheese
Daal or pea soup
White rice

Dinner came 1.5hrs after Vinyasa class and 6hrs after Lunch.


Ginger Tea
White Rice
Aloo Matar- potatoes and peas in tomato sauce
Rajma- Kidney bean curry

This was generally the diet they had us on for 30 days. Some days were better which included more protein, like chickpeas and beans, and I made sure to eat seconds on those days, but it always included a combination of Rice, Bread, Potato, Bean or Vegetable curry. (The latter coming only after we complained about the food and listed in order of proportion with rice being the largest) This diet left me feeling tired, bloated, pimply (until I realized what dishes had cheese in them), and at a 10 on the bitch scale.


We train for 4hrs a day and received simple carbs hours before training or hours after training and little to no protein and no real vegetables until we complained about the food. Simple carbs digest quickly, which means by the time yoga started I had already absorbed whatever energy I was going to get out of my meal and due to blood sugar levels crashing was already tired and starving for some real food.

Also, because there was such a long wait in between meals (4-6hrs) I would eat larger portions and felt extremely bloated and fatigued, nearly comatose, immediately after eating. There were days I missed class because I went to my room and literally passed out. I would come to an hour or so later drenched in sweat, feeling groggy and disoriented and spent the rest of the day drinking copious amounts of water to counteract the increased loss of fluids. This did not seem to help much and once I entered zombie status I began adding rehydration tablets to my water.

Now, here I am in Brussels attempting to return to my usual diet and my body is up in arms. I’m bloated, constipated, having indigestion, breaking out..and unable to properly convey the extent of my problem to anyone who might help me because… I don’t speak French.

It’s frustrating to say the least, however this week I did get my hands on some antacids and probiotics which seems to be helping. I’m still bloated, but I have considerably less pain and discomfort, so it’s certainly better than last week. For now I’m eating very light so my body can adjust: eggs, tuna, oats, veggies, etc. It’s boring, but I made the mistake of plunging into protein too quickly after a month on a vegetarian diet and my body is not happy… Hopefully in a couple of weeks my abs will return and I won’t find myself sitting on the toilet in the morning waiting for something to happen. Regular bowel movements definitely rank in the top 5 for keeping your bitchiness at an all time low, right up there with Sex, but since I’ve been single going on about 4 years now I rely mostly on regular poo and intense workouts.

Wish me luck.

At the gym, getting it in on vacation! #noexcuses #imissmyabs #workout #motivation #instafit #instahealth #trainhard #brussels #fitness #gym #workout #girlswholift #traininsane #justdoit #fitnsexy #fitchick

For shits and giggles. Left: before India. Right: after India. 30 days of bad carbs, not too bad because I was training everyday, but I don’t have those 3D abs anymore lol. I give it 2wks, I’m determined and I’m supposed to have a shoot next weekend….so yeaaa…challenge accepted. #abprogress #instafit #trainhard #getlean #eatingclean #workout #motivation #bikiniprep #bikinicompetition #3dabs #swolechicks #chickswithabs #chickswholift #justdoit #bikini #fitness #fitchick #fitstagram #fitnsexy

Back on my diet and it feeels gooood! Nothing like 30 days of potatoes and bread every damn day to make you miss your prep food.
I miss my abs and not being tired and bloated 24/7. I’m back on my routine starting now, vacation be damned! #eatclean #instafit #instahealth #stevia #oats #goodcarbs #eatprotein # bodybuilding #bikiniprep #bikinicompetition #trainhard #getlean #swolechicks #fitness #fitchick #workout #Motivation #fitstagram #justdoit

I’m officially a yoga alliance certified instructor. Let the contorture begin! #yogachallenge #instafit #yogachick #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #yogini #Rishikesh #ytt200 #yogaalliance #whosgonnatakemyclass #youknowyouwantto #instayoga #india

Great shot from my shoot with Mike Cadotte. <3 #fitnessmodel #instafit #instahealth #fitspiration #fitchick #workout #fitandsexy #motivation #gym #eatingclean #npcbikini #bikiniprep #justdoit #girlswithabs #swolechicks #girlswholift #strong #getfit #yogachick #yogaeveryday #bodybuilding

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